Intervju: The white stuff – Adrian Nakić
December 14, 2011  |  Fotografija, Intervju, KUĆICE IZ SNOVA

Adrian (Jadranko) Nakić je priznati modni fotograf hrvatskog porijekla koji živi i radi na relaciji Paris – Cape Town. Zajedno sa svojom suprugom June restaurirao je prekrasno staro imanje u blizini Cape Towna The white stuff .

Njihova predivna i jedinstvena bijela “open plan” kuća prepuna svjetlosti ove godine je ušla u samo finale izbora HOUSE OF THE YEAR 2011 u Južnoafričkoj Republici u organizaciji  magazina House&Leisure.

Radosno se odazvao pozivu da se predstavi našim čitateljima. Iako čita i govori hrvatski jezik, kako  sam kaže “pisanje mu ide malo teže”, stoga intervju prenosimo u originalu.

  • Your home was nominated for the House of the year 2011 in House&Leisure magazine and I must admit that it looks amazing! It is obviously an old house. Please, can you tell us something about history of the house, restoration, architect… anything that could be interesting to our readers.

June (my wife) and I are very spontaneous, so as an example we bought this house on one weekend after being away for a week to a health farm. June was not happy with the house we lived in at the time and we decided on this week holiday to move and buy a new house. While we came back we looked at three houses we choose before in the property newspaper of the weekend. As we drove through the gate we knew that’s it! Our new house! It is a old house which was build in 1948 (not old for Europe but old for South Africa). The house was build by two lady’s who lived together which was pretty unusual in that times. The area around the house was immense but unfortunately later the land got sold of piece by piece.

The garden was amazingly kept by the previous owner. We saw the potential of the house as soon as we entered. No architect was employed. June and I came up with the ideas and the plan . For 4 month I was the project manager and took care that it was build to our ideas. We added a new bathroom and made the old one in a walk-in cupboard, took a lot of walls out to make it more contemporary  without destroying the old charm.

With another addition to the living room we created a big open living area with big foldable  doors (so in summer you feel like you are in the garden). All the rooms where before painted in different colours which we changed into all white look. Some windows where made into doors and some walls got broken through to make more space… A lot of work!!!
We love the light and the peace in our new home! Very happy!
By the way my dream would be to have a little stone house in Croatia under pine trees with a view of the Adriatic sea!

  • Please tell us about your life in South Africa…where do you live and work?

We live in Cape Town (Constantia) and in Paris. Cape Town is a  great city to live in, fantastic quality of life. A lot of international photo teams shoot here during summer – that’s how I discovered  Cape Town coming from Paris on my first catalogue shoot in this beautiful country. I stopped commercial photography several years ago and concentrated to build our company (Sunshine Co). Sunshine Co. is  a professional photo equipment rental company.
And in the meantime I started a book project to take portraits of people with tattoos. I shot already around 270 portraits in 3 years, it should be soon ready to be published. Since last year I started to shoot again for commercial clients (French Gala).


  • Please tell us something about your career as a photographer?

I started photography right after school with assisting in Frankfurt with a car photographer ( R.W. Schlegelmilch) who is known for his F1 pictures after that I went to Munich for 2 years photo studies at a photo school. Then more assisting with different people in Munich and after one year I moved to Paris to experience the “big world of fashion”. I did not know a lot of people in Paris so it was pretty difficult in the beginning.

Theresa Maxova

“By the way my dream would be to have a little stone house in Croatia under pine trees with a view of the Adriatic sea!”I was lucky at the end and worked for nearly 3 years with fashion photographer “Ellen von Unwerth”. Because of this opportunity I was able to travel the world and work for top people like American Vogue, Italian Vogue, Guess and with a lot of famous people and models. That obviously had to stop and I needed to start on my own. Again it was difficult especially after working with this top photographer. But somehow it worked out and I made a good living as a photographer to my own name. I did a lot of Beauty Campaign’s for Schwarzkopf, Wella, Swarovski and Nivea just to mention some. As I said before , I stopped for a while and taking it up again. My target would be this time around more portraiture and less fashion.


  • Can you please tell me about your origin. How are you connected to Croatia?

Both my parents where Croatians, they left during WW2. And ended up in Germany, I was born in Germany but stayed with my Croatian grand parents in Oslo/Norway before I came back to Germany. We always had a lot of Croatian friends (who worked in Germany) visiting and staying with us. Our house was a Croatian Island in Germany. It is strange but I feel more Croatian then German even that my Croatian language is deteriorating more and more because of lack of use.

Catherine F.

  • Do you have relatives in Croatia and have you ever been here? Experiences?

I probably have a lot of relatives in Croatia! From my mother side we are Skiljo’s and from my father’s side  Nakić. On the island Rab I have my cousin’s Toni & Zdravka who I know well and where we spent a lot of holidays. Rab evokes very pleasant child hood memories of lamb barbeques, swimming, sun, warm evenings the beautiful smell of the pines, and herbs and much more. Even innocent first kisses or illegally watching open air movies from an old church wall! My aunt and uncle Anna & Milan where wonderful people and our family just felt home in Rab. My uncle had a boat and we went for little trips around the island to fish and dive. Just thinking of that period of my life makes me melancholic. I would love to find time and spend time driving through the country and take pictures!


  • Can we expect your visit to Croatia soon?

I wish! My last time in Croatia (Trogir/Rab) was 6 years ago.

Who knows what will come!

Linda E.


Fotografije The white stuff by Amazing spaces

Ostale fotografije by Adrian Nakić

O autoruMaja Zovko je urednica Prozora u dom. Zanimaju je rustikalni prostori, dizajn interijera i hand-made proizvodi.

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